DI Lance Picton

Last time we looked at the outline for The Picton Files.

You play as DI Picton in this series of hard hitting detective crime thrillers. Although set in the modern world, the mysteries are nonetheless just as cunning as a Sherlock Holmes case.

Take the case of "Peter & Paul". Two twins embroiled in a rather tricky murder case. Let's have a look;

Reginald Brent, a retired music producer, has been strangled to death in the comfort of his own apartment. The obvious suspects are his cocky young nephews Peter and Paul, both twins. They are the sole beneficiaries of his Will. There's a sure motive right there! Reginald wasn't a wealthy man, but a lifetime of scrimping and saving had nevertheless amassed a small fortune. Up for grabs by someone unscrupulous.

When confronted, Peter claims he is innocent. And so does Paul. They have a motive but which one is guilty? Or are they both in collusion? Do they have alibis? Perhaps they're both innocent. They claim they totally "adored" their uncle. True, or total lies?

This is one of those dilemmas for the sleuth mind of DI Picton.

You have to extract every fact from their testimonies. Your assistant Kit can help too. She has an uncanny ability to smoke out lies. You're glad she's your assistant. Maybe put pressure on the suspect Kit thinks is deceiving you and perhaps he'll inadvertently let some small, but crucial, fact slip. Maybe.

Stay tuned for updates...

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