The Picton Files are a series of contemporary crime detective thrillers developed by Strand Games. The games are episodic and feature two lead characters: Detective Inspector Lance Picton and his assistant Kit. You are DI Picton and must solve the case with Kit's help. Gameplay involves not only solving who the murderer is, but also gathering the evidence to prove it, just like a real-world crime case.

DI Lance Picton

Detective Inspector Lance Picton is as tenacious as he is effective. He's like a dog with a bone, he won't let go until the case is solved. His methodology is relentless investigation and questioning for clues leaving no stone unturned. In the game you will assume the role of DI Picton.


Full name, Kathrynne Lee, but everyone calls her "kit". She's a rookie, got a lot to learn, but people like her.

Her character is very intuitive, but not especially logical. Kit will help but you must assemble the object-based and statement-based evidence. Kit will jump to conclusions which you have to remind her must be based on proof.

However, if you get stuck, you can consult Kit. She often has insights into the case you might not have thought of. Kit has a talent for "reading people" and inferring their true movies. Kit has an enigmatic background, with many secrets, that is revealed as the story unfolds.

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