A new Strand game - Superheroes right? Well not exactly.

The Italian Maxman is not your regular superhero. He's not super strong. He can't dodge bullets or leap tall buildings. He's a bit overweight, but nevertheless, he's not one bit less the all action superhero. Saving the world is a full time job. And even though he's not paid, he always sees the job through.

You play as the irrepressible Maxman in this comedy spoof superhero adventure.

You're definitely going to need help, but luckily you have two good friends. The super clever Zulin Chen (the brains of the outfit) and the ever intuitive Mitzi. Not the brightest button, but you'd not want to be in a jam without her help. She's saved your butt too many times.

And speaking of butts...

You have an evil nemesis. Alien actually. Zob, leader of the alien invasion. He's not as clever as he thinks, but he's sneaky as it gets.

It's up to you to save the world. Are you up for it?

Of course you are. You're Maxman !!

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