Strand Games is working on a sequel to Magnetic Scrolls' acclaimed The Guild of Thieves. It's called, you guessed it, "The Guild of Thieves 2".

It's been 30 years since you proved yourself worthy of The Guild of Thieves.

Over the years, your abilities have only improved, to a true art-form. You climbed the ladder and scaled the greasy pole. You dethroned the old guy. To finally became The Guildmaster - The most senior Master Thief there is!

It was great at the top. You relaxed. But now, an upstart aspiring thief wants your head. You've been challenged to prove you've still got what it takes. The usual rules - Winner takes all, and may the worst one win!

Robbing, stealing 'n' cheating - all far too easy for a master. No, no, you've been challenged to something much more difficult. To unsteal things!

Remember those things you took, all those years ago in the Guild test? No? Well, now you have to put them back. To "unsteal" them, but so nobody notices. Get caught or found out and you're finished. Or, more accurately, you're dead!

Think you can do it? Got what it takes?

Your nemesis and challenger with eyes on The Guild. The bastard! Kill him and be done with it.

Well, if it were only that easy!

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