AI Dungeon

By chance I stumbled upon this :

Using the computer as an AI Dungeonmaster, which creates endless worlds with possibilities for the player to explore.

From the website :

Imagine an infinitely generated world that you could explore endlessly, continually finding entirely new content and adventures. What if you could also choose any action you can think of instead of being limited by the imagination of the developers who created the game? Unlike virtually every other game in existence, you are not limited by the imagination of the developer in what you can do. Any thing you can express in language can be your action and the AI dungeon master will decide how the world responds to your actions.

Sounds intriguing.

What do you guys think?


  • That's interesting!

    I had a go, but the generated stories are incongruous and wildly fragmented. The problem with all these AI things is lack of continuity; which is obviously quite important for plots and games.

    I think what might be more interesting is, if they let you design an overall plot framework and the AI fill in blanks. This could become quite a useful tool for game ideas. You'd basically, filter out the bad ideas and manually embellish the good ones until you had a story for a game.

    Over here, I've been making huge progress on our new game engine called Strands, you have parser + choice + generation.

    So you can generate text as well. It doesn't use AI, but rather, you can randomise, semi-randomise and conditionally randomise branching text "flow".

    The use of this is not high-level plot branches (although you could do this), but to give variation of detail. For example, you can describe objects using slightly different words each time, or you can make character responses vary in a more natural way.

    Anyhow, combining this kind of "structural flow" with AI might be interesting.

  • It can be used with great effect in text adventures (interactive fiction) such as Zork etc, to give a different description of locations previously visited, and of objects as well.

    I'm also thinking of "landscaping" and "randscaping" in games such as Lord of Midnight, where the AI engine can alter the landscape graphics a little bit, so no two locations will look the same. It will not change the graphics or landscape for locations visited previously, as this will be inducing confusion.

    I fiddled around with a small "randscaping" program on the 48k ZX Spectrum. Basically it try to induce some "randomness" into a landscape, thereby giving the illusion of lots of different landscapes although you reuse the same graphics over and over. In those days the aim was to introduce a little bit of randomization into landscape art, and to keep memory overheads low. In today's terms, 48k is a drop in a large Olympic-sized swimming pool.

    The technology sure are interesting, hence myself mentioning it here. But, for now, as @hugh mentioned, it is not perfect, and is still disjointed.

    But using it to fill in blanks sounds good. A good, solid framework + AI should be fun to play with.


    One of these days somebody will produce a MMORPG using an AI to provide players with endless quests etc which will not be the same for each group of players.

    I'm looking forward to the new game engine. When is the ETA? Should be fun to play around with.



  • I've already made a couple of demos with the new system, but it's not quite ready for production.
    Phil South is working with us now on material for Fish2!, so that will be interesting, and it will use the new system.
    This week, I've been putting in animation support. You'll be able to animate scenes and have them change with the story as necessary.
    We're going to use the new system for new games, some will be sequels and some totally new material. It will also be open source and free for anyone else to use as well.

  • Sounds cool. Bring it on!

  • awesome! i was just thinking about fish! the other day.. suspect i never actually completed it back in the day..

  • Yes Fish! is being remastered. It will be "Fish Resurfaced" :-) Also, there's work underway for a, brand new and shiny, Fish2! game.

  • this is great news indeed! :)

  • I was just wondering if there were plans to create new adventures based on the original games. I'm kind of more of a fantasy geek, so I was thinking more like follow ups to The Pawn or Guild, or even Jinxter, but this is good news! Fish! definitely lends itself to a potential sequel.

  • Hi Jay, yes indeed!

    We're actually working on a sequel to Fish (although the original is not yet remastered) and there's a "sort of" plan to make a sequel to Guild.

  • there's a "sort of" plan to make a sequel to Guild.

    ears perk up

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