Finished Guild of Thieves and had to figure out how to finish

So I might use walkthroughs to have a good idea of how to finish one of these games. But while playing Guild of Thieves, I made an error in not trusting the walkthrough on one point. It suggested leaving the succulents (used to cross the hot coals) on the far side of the room of hot coals after retrieving the plastic die so they'd be there when you finish the game. Thing is, I didn't do that and they were waiting at the bank where I'd dropped everything while playing the lute.

I thought I might have to go back to my last saved game (which I didn't save often!) and replay the game from there when I realized a solution: I could drop my treasures in the boat house, go down, use the lute to cross the coals, go back to the bank, retrieve the succulents, and then go get the treasures.


Great job on updating the game!


  • :) Yes, another remaster change
  • I wasn't aware it was a change, but I like when alternate solutions can be found. It feels rewarding when you figure out something for yourself.

  • Just also wanna gush about loving the format here. I could play the games on PC, but I'm doing the Android versions. It's extremely well-implemented with the inventory tab (WAY better than the classic "i" command) and the map. Not totally in love with the compass, though it does add a nice way to navigate. On my touch screen, I had some wrong moves so I wound up usually just turning it off and either typing my command or tapping the links in the room description.

    And I love that it lets you automatically resume where you left off rather than requiring you to load a game. It makes playing more casual, and on mobile, easy to pull back up and enjoy at your leisure.

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