Just finished playing the Pawn on Android, loved it!

After only playing the game once or twice in Magnetic years ago, I was glad to actually pay for the game and give it another go.

I was surprised that rescuing the Princess was actually possible without losing the key. I get that the original joke was that this wasn't your standard adventure, you aren't a mighty knight (or, as we'd meet later, Mario or Link), you're just a person in a weird adventure. It was just a little disappointing that you couldn't do "everything" without saving a game and restoring it to go without doing it. The weird thing is, I had to carry her out, then dropped her at the castle drawbridge and she just stands there.

I've always loved the concept of the game. I think it would make a good basis for a fantasy TV series or film.

I broke the pot when trying to set it down, though I thought I'd already planted the pot plant, so I got a score of 345.

Looking forward to reliving Guild of Thieves and Jinxter. Hoping you guys eventually get to Wonderland, my personal favorite of the games.


  • Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game!
    Good observation with the princess :) Indeed, this is one of the remaster changes we made. As you pointed out, you are actually not the one to come to the rescue. You can if you want, BUT you pay a price. In the original game, you can rescue the princess, but you will lose the game, because you will lose the blue key and without the blue key you cannot complete the game anymore. One of many dead ends we removed in the remaster.
    So, now you can fullfill your task AND become a hero on the way ;)

  • I'm still poking around with the game to see if I can find any secrets. Mostly just chatting with the NPCs and stealing everything I can get my hands on. I finally got the Princess to go home by talking to her about anything I could think of. Humorously, I gave her the Adventurer's corpse and it just says "she thanks you."

    Also tried seeing if I could get Kronos' platform to work. So far, no luck.

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