Fish! - release date?


Been enjoying immensely the 3 remastered/revised Magnetic Scrolls games you currently have available!
Looking forward to Fish! ... and idea when it will be available for purchase/download?

Many thanks in advance,
Charles (from across the pond)


  • Hi Charles,
    glad to hear that you enjoyed the first three games. Unfortunately I cannot give an estimate about a Fish! release. We made good progress, but since we got the Corona lockdown over here, everything is turned upside down and the work on Fish has slowed down. So, it will not be released in the immediate future, but I hope that we soon get a chance to continue the work. Here is another small teaser. If you ever played Fish! before, you will know where in the gameplay this is :)

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    Hi Stefan! Thank you for info.. and nope, haven't ever played Fish!. (So I won't read that screen shot .. no spoilers until I delve in LOL!) Needless to say I am very much looking forward to it as I have never played a Mag Scrolls game I didn't like.

    I understand about the current situation. I'm in NYC, so we all have been dealing with this tough situation in a very real way.

    Keep us posted on the progress please, perhaps a post every so often? Thanks!

    Kindest regards,

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