Guild Of Thieves

Each time I pick up the abstract painting over the bed in the mansion the game sends me back to some text about the Miller.After that the game puts me back at the beginning but with all the items that I had before.


  • Playing the IOS version on iPad

  • I also get some text saying waaa -unhealthy sp!

  • Hi,
    I am not having this problem on my iPad (Air 1st gen). Can you perhaps provide some info about your ipad, ios version and perhaps a save game showing the problem?

  • I’m playing on a 2019 or 2018 iPad how do i send the save file ?

  • Latest iOS version

  • 13.4.1

  • Please send the save game to stefan at strandgames dot com
  • I dont know how to take the save file from the game and send it

  • Chose „Settings“ -> „Load“
    In the file list there should be a „Share“ icon to the right of the savegame name. Touching/Clicking the icon should the usual iOS dialog and there you can send the file with email
  • Nothing happens when I click the share “button”

  • Hmm, this should actually open the usual iOS share dialog, but you might be facing an iOS problem introduced with iOS 13.4. There are several reports on the Apple forums about this phenomenon with the non-opening share dialog. I will check if I can reproduce it in the simulators.
  • According to the share dialog problem might exist since ios 13.4. For some people a fix is to reset and restore the device, but there seem to be people as well for whom this suggestion doesn't help.

    Can you perhaps try to reproduce the problem and write down the steps?

  • I’m in the main bedroom at the a castle .i pick up the painting and the game tells me that there is just void behind it, then suddenly I get a text that says that the Miller returns me the bottle and that it’s empty , after that I’m back at the boat with all my collected items :smile:

  • That pretty much sounds like some memory corruption. Does this happen soon after you started playing? Do you perhaps have an older savegame and with that can you try to reproduce the problem?
  • No it only happens when i try to pick up the painting, no other bugs to report

  • Does this also happen if you start a new game session (don‘t forget to save your current session :-) and walk straight to the bedroom and pick up the painting?
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