The Legacy: Realm Of Terror need a remaster!

Hi everybody I'm a great fan of this game that I've played many years ago and I still keep playing today.
Unlike many modern titles game is very immersive and is still better than many modern titles in terms of atmosphere, story, narration.

Please consider a remaster of this little gem.


  • It seems the distribution rights on The Legacy are now with Piko Interactive. You can buy the original The Legacy from GOG.

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    Hello Stefan, didn't know about the rights' ownership but at the very least means that a remake/remaster is a real possibility and maybe, if the right stars align, could even happen, who knows.

    I already own the GOG re-release of the game, thanks.

  • I don't think we have the right to remaster Legacy, unfortunately. The rights of the originals were retained by Magnetic Scrolls until its demise. We have the righs to these directly from the original company owners, but the same legal situation does not apply to Legacy.

  • Hello Hugh, that's really sad.
    With today's hardware it could turn into an incredibly atmospheric game, hell the game already is.
    Let's hope that in the future stars can align properly and maybe something can happen.

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