Pawn appimage won't install

The appimage of The Pawn ( won't integrate into my system (Manjaro Linux). On the command line, I see these errors:

' at 15appimage_shall_not_be_integrated : Unexpected char '
AppImageLauncher error: appimage_shall_not_be_integrated() failed (returned -1)
' at 15appimage_is_terminal_app : Unexpected char '
AppImageLauncher error: appimage_is_terminal_app() failed (returned -1)
' at 15appimage_register_in_system : Malformed desktop entry: Unexpected char '

a popup says "Failed to register Appimage in system via libappimage".


  • Hi, Sorry to hear that. I'm just downloading Manjaro now, will try the AppImage and report.

  • it's Manjaro KDE btw.

  • When lanuching the AppImage, you normally should get a dialog asking whether you want to integrate the AppImage into the system. Did you get this dialog?
    I assume that the above message is coming from a separate daemon in the system like appimaged?

  • Yes I get that dialog. "Run Once" btw works. The error popup when I try to integrate is titled "Error - AppImageLauncher".

  • AppImageLauncher is an external helper daemon. So that error messge is not coming from the AppImage itself. The AppImage should open an own dialog with a message like this: "Would you like to integrate ThePawn-linux- with your system? This will add it to your applications menu and install icons.If you don't do this you can still launch the application by double-clicking on the AppImage."
    Does this dialog appear? And if it appears and you answer with yes, does it integrate into your system?

  • The dialog appears, I click yes, then the errors occur.

  • Sorry, was unable to install Manjaro under vmware. vmtools that provide shared filesystems didnt work.

  • Strange, because the AppImage is not bound to appimageloader. It contains a script which brings up the dialog and creates the required files. Does The Pawn appear in your application menu after you pressed „yes“? I am not sure what appimageloader is trying to do with the AppImage, I.e. where it obtains the information about icons, mime-types and so on?!?
  • Ok, I was able to reproduce this on my Manjaro system, but as suspected it is actually a problem with appimagelauncher. I can understand now that you actually never got to see the integration dialog of our AppImage at all, because appimagelauncher intercepts the start of our appimage and then crashes ... and thus preventing the start of the appimage.

    Our AppImage can integrate into the desktop by itself, so I guess there a two choices:

    • remove appimagelauncher, then you should be able to launch The Pawn normally
    • extract our appimage with ThePawn-linux- --appimage-extract. Move the extracted folder to a location of your choice, e.g. Applications and perhaps rename the folder to something more reasonable. Then switch into the folder and run './AppRun'. When the dialog opens which asks for integration, say yes. This should do the trick, although you do not have an appimage anymore.

    Perhaps you want to ask the appimagelauncher people about the error message you get. They have have an idea why their daemon is crashing?!?

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