Suggestions for all games

I just found my list.

  • Can we have some space for text notes? I would prefer this in the map in each room and the map itself. These notes should be saved in the save file
  • Underlining the input, so I can type it to get it back to the cursor
  • Can you make the story text in android available for copying? It only works in Windows with right mouse button and CTRL-C if the cursor is not ready for typing
  • android: Can you make the order of the save games "by date desc"?
  • jinxter android: can save the save files just by pressing RETURN? additionally I have to press the ok-button

and a question:

  • How did you sort the items?

Thanks for your work, I can't wait for remastered fish and the sequels.


  • Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I have added it to our backlog!

    I think the items are not explicitely sorted, they appear in the order that they have in memory, I guess. But I would need to verify this

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