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I played through the Android version of Jinxter sometime back and enjoyed it, but there was one point where I got stuck: the bakery. I was trying to get the charm out of the flour and wasted several turns as I didn't realize the correct command was "SIEVE FLOUR WITH SIEVE." I was trying "SIFT FLOUR WITH SIEVE," or "FILTER FLOUR WITH SIEVE."

This resulted in the baker arriving while I was still messing around with the flour and the Guardian gave me the charm outside rather than the baker unwittingly giving it to you in the loaf of bread you burn.

Just saying, it might help if SIFT or FILTER were used as synonyms for SIEVE as a verb here as people might think of those first.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for these suggestions. I've added these to the source code. Whenever we next build Jinxter it will go in!


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